Here’s Why this is the Perfect Time to Leverage
The Power of the Internet for Your Business:

FACT – The Yellow Pages Have Steadily Been on a Dwindling Decline While Usage of Google Skyrockets And for Your Customers, the Internet is the way to locate Your Business.  Fast!

FACT – 62% of Today’s Customers Use the Internet When Searching for Services

FACT – 91% of Google Searches Stop on Page 1 to pick the Business they Feel they can Trust

FACT – Two-thirds of Internet users in the US say they purchased a product after Online Research

FACT – 81% of internet users have used the internet to do Research about a Product or Service

FACT – 78% of internet users agree that Researching Online is Convenient

FACT – 68% of Internet users either agree with the notion that online research saves them time

FACT – $34.7 billion in Sales were Generated Through Initial Internet Contact in JUST the Third Quarter of 2007

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Almost HALF of All Internet Users now use Search Engines on a Typical Day

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E-commerce sales grew by 8% in the first nine months of 2008.
That does NOT include Website Traffic that Generates Walk-ins to Your Business.

Websites Too Costly For a Recession?

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NOT Having The RIGHT Website is COSTING you MORE

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